Wednesday, May 17, 2006

SL-Inspired Works of Art?

I've been ruminating on an idea for quite some time now. Long before even my hiatus from the world. It's been sitting in my mind, and bits of it scattered on my hard-drives waiting...

Many months ago in a sleepless fit of creativity and driven frustration, I made a series of spoken-word poetry recordings. I did this while logged into Second Life and searching for some perspective. I don't know if I found it or not, but they ended up being some very interesting little bits to me so I kept them around. Soon after I had the idea to give the recordings more meaning by adding a visual element... recorded from SL.

Of course the idea went off like rockets in my head. To this day, like many projects in the last couple years, have been put in the stack of things to do. Shuffled away with the other visionary ideas and do-dads.

This idea though has stuck around nagging me every so often for attention. Its persistence is starting to make me want to take some action. If only so I can put it to rest in my mind... so hopefully we'll see some things popping up soon.

For now though, I wonder if SL has inspired the works of any other artists out there in meat-space...


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