Sunday, October 29, 2006

Open Comments

At the request of a commentor on this little blog, I am opening up the comments on this site to anonymous posters. I generally kept it closed due to spam -- my other blogs get tonnes of spam comments all the time and these days, a lot of spam even gets by Akismet filters. So we'll see how it goes, but if I get a tonne of spam on this one I'll probably switch back. Yes not everyone has a blogger id to post comments with, but no offense -- I'd rather not have spam than allow anonymous posters.

I am all for anonymity on the net. So if you really want to post something here if I close up the comments to registered users only; use the Tor proxy and take 10 seconds to fill out the registration form. If you're not quite that paranoid about anonymity; then just fill out the form. At least then if you decide to have a blogger blog, there'll be an account waiting for you.

It's a hassle for some, I know -- I blame spam.


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