Thursday, February 08, 2007

Creating a new IM for SL

I began working on a new IM client for SL earlier this week. It uses the amazing Twitter API. With it I hope to enrich communication in Secondlife. The first version will likely allow simply to send updates however, an HUD attachment will likely be on the way.

Development of this project is not without difficulty -- Secondlife's support of HTTP is rather limited and doesn't allow for HTTP_AUTHORIZATION requests. To skirt the issue, I'm writing a simple proxy script to add the appropriate headers and forward the request. I have a server to host this proxy on temporarily, however it's likely that if this IM client becomes popular I could see my bandwidth usage go up. I'd say it's more of a temporary home. If anyone can give it a permanent one, it would really help.

For anyone who's interested in hopping on the bandwagon early, go get yourself a twitter account for your avatar and add me as a friend or just follow my updates if you're so inclined.

Parties interested in committing resources, you can reach me in world, via twitter, or mail me by putting together my name with a period in between at gmail dot com.

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