Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Rebirth of Interactive Fiction?

On the heels of my inspiration for my recent machinema endeavours, I returned to an old love for interactive fiction. The spoken word part of my yet-to-be-released machinema films use visual metaphors to represent ideas I present in my words. In a small epiphany I connected those metaphors from a passive representation to an interactive one -- what if the spoken word could re-invigorate the interactive storytelling medium?

And so I've started tinkering with the idea of scripting an interactive fiction environment in SL. Instead of using words to describe everything, we have a multitude of media for telling the story. Rooms won't have to be described in words, but using short audio clips and scripted events -- the thoughts and feelings that are implied can be attached to the environ. The amount of potential goes much further and already as I write this, my mind is continuing down the rabbit-hole.

How far will it go? I guess you'll all have to wait to find out...

Check out this for a game similar in some respects to what I hope to achieve with my game. Though sticking to visual media and words to tell the story, it's an adventure game in SL no doubt! I can't wait to check it out...


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